communication policy

The steering wheel for all directions


The challenge

The organizational matrix structures usually share two communication features in common – these are the strong need for integration of corporate brand communication and the requirement to clearly define precise responsibility fields. In Balkan Star we had to steer the marketing and communication process, to ensure structural adequacy and to develop general strategic directions for the whole group of companies and brands.

The solution

I structured the strategic directions in a communication policy that aligned with the business plans and targets. I also considered the usual practice in the group of companies. In this communication policy I thoroughly described the activities and responsible persons for every main marketing or communication segment clearly and comprehensive.

The communication policy was developed together with all parties involved and communicated to all group employees in order to create understanding and implement the actions needed for every usual situation. It became part of the early planning of all divisions and managed the marketing and communication processes in the organization.

The outcome                                        

The communication policy framed the strategic directions, the process and the responsibilities of the team for the whole organization defining clear guidelines and easy-to-implement key steps for all common situations in marketing and communication. This enabled all team members, not only the ones involved in the process, but everyone from the group of companies to understand and implement the communication regulations – once a media representative appeared, all employees contacted the PR, once a fair approached, everyone knew how to get more information or participate at the organization.

As a result:

  • the key marketing and communication fields were strategized, the responsibilities were described and the strategic directions were formulated;
  • the activities were steered trough the corporate and product brand planning which improved the efficiency of the marketing and communication measures;
  • the acceptance and support from the employees of the group increased;
  • Balkan Star acted internally and externally with an integrated, sustainable and homogenous appearance and behavior and so its corporate image strengthened, increasing the brand value of the organization.