In this melting pot of generations, the panel emphasized the power of diverse representation in communication strategies. Amplifying diverse voices and empowering young people to become influencers within their social circles emerged as crucial components of successful engagement.

Amidst the paradigm shift towards Stakeholder Capitalism, the Summit emphasized that organizations must embrace a multistakeholder approach, focusing on creating value for all stakeholders rather than solely prioritizing shareholders.

Drawing from two thought-provoking panel discussions, the Summit shed light on the complexities of navigating truth in a world filled with misinformation. Joumana El Zein Khoury, the executive director of the World Press Photo Foundation, brought attention to the alarming statistics revealing a lack of trust in media.

Effectively communicating ESG initiatives is paramount in today's business climate. At the EACD Summit, seasoned panellists shared their valuable perspectives and real-world examples, providing a glimpse into the strategies and tactics that drive successful sustainability messaging.

Vanya Babanin gained an insightful perspective on the latest practical trends, cutting-edge strategies, and best practices for building and promoting a powerful employer brand. 

Quite expectedly, the e-commerce and tech fuel in during the pandemic, the aviation, hotels and restaurants face rather tough times - this inevitably reflects the brand valuation. 

A selection of industry experts shared key insights and advice on making the most of the data communication professionals gather at the event Data: Humanized, by SAP and Publicis Group.

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In 2017 the European Communication Monitor addresses topics such as visualisation, social bots and benchmarking in communications.

affordable or luxury?

the strive for better living now has one more dimension. or better said - one less. because the modern luxury is not only free time and good quality of the air. modern luxury is also simplicity

Recently I was inspired listening to a futurist predicting 40% of the jobs to be done by robots in near future (Faith Popcorn at Executive Perspectives by C-Suite TV with Jeffrey Hayzlett). 

But how is this changing our business environment and what follows for the marketing and brands?