Old communication attitudes do not work anymore

If we were all trained as professional journalists, we would be well versed in the rule of double-checking information with more than one trustworthy source. But since our new digital reality has given us the opportunity to become our own media, we must also adapt to our new responsibilities as information consumers.

If you consider using brand ambassadors...

a review on the subject why to use and how to choose a celebrity to act as your brand ambassador. Some recent examples illustrate the added value and the risks of the celebrity ambassadors. You can also find practical questionnaires to support your customised solution.


Events as the way to humanize the brand engagement are the focus of my recently published article in Outsourcing Journal. Find more about the specifics of the outsourcing industry, events’ numbers calculation and key questions to consider when brand-engaging through stakeholders’ events.

How to discover some of the most famous semantic concepts in the world of automotive marketing communications? Find out explanations and examples for intertextuality, synchrony and diachrony, redundancy, continuum and zero morphemes (in Bulgarian) in my article

There comes a time in everyone’s life when certain decisions have to be made. I recently had to make one of these decisions. And I still think about it sometimes. The question I faced concerned my professional and personal lives, or to be more specific, their crossing point

Ready-to-use structural approach to new brand positioning published in Your Business magazine (in Bulgarian)


When developing strategies and tactics for communication practices in automotive industry in Bulgaria a mix of experience and ready-to-implement marketing materials from the global manufacturers and also specific local approaches to defining target groups, usage of communication channels and organization of customer relations, media relations and employee branding. 

In this article I define the signs in marketing communications and analyze their application in automotive communication. 


My Master thesis in Economics focused over the impact of crisis management on the investment value of shares (in Bulgarian)