CSR values: a healthy dose of show and tell

While interpersonal interactions and dialogue are important for keeping the CSR message alive, today’s communicators benefit from the ability to use digital channels to allow employees to access and interact with information on their own terms.


Vanya Babanin Ph.D. is a reputation and brand management consultant and regional lead of the European Association of Communication Directors, Regional Group Bulgaria. In her experience working with automotive brands like Mercedes-Benz, Jeep and Mitsubishi, Babanin says that she found “the best way to communicate corporate values internally is in the mixture between informal chats and the formal intranet portal.” Today, she notes, corporate communicators can take advantage of digital platforms, including internal IM, to boost communication and sharing. The basics of effective communication remain the same, but the channels have broadened. “We need a healthy mixture of digital and off-line,” she says.


The bottom line: CSR values matter. To show that they matter, effective communication across traditional and digital channels is key.


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