What have we learned from the Samsung crisis

What was the saving communication strategy of the technology giant, that led it trough the burning batteries scandal of Galaxy Note 7



The new beginning


in the beginning of April Samsung launches the first official Tv brand advertising at all markets. Under the headline “The new normal” it focuses again on young generation that is born with new technologies and grows in a world where no boundaries exist. “If we do a retrospection of the advertising spots we can notice the change coming from rational argumentation of the ability of the Korean company to deal with the (literary) fire, towards the positive beginning, from the past to the future - this i the New Normal”, explains Vanya Babanin.





And the new product


On this basis Samsung introduced the model Galaxy S8 - the first new model after the unfortunate Note 7. The advertising campaign ‘Unbox your phone, break out’  states the idea of boundaries and prejudices braking – the human as well as the technological, represented by the company with the new design of the smartphone and its infinite display. Or as Vanya Babanin summarises:  “The overcoming or even the destruction of physical limitations is in the core of the new model’s marketing communication. It is curious that in its launch Samsung does not show its technical advantages apart from the infinite display and does not mock with Apple as before. The main focus is put straight on the key message of overcoming obstacles.”



Translation of the abstract: 

What have we learned from the Samsung crisis?


Vanya Babanin, consultant in brand and reputation management


1. The basic handling is giving up factual information - what happens, what specific measures are being introduced and what are the results.

2. If have managed our brand well and have gained powerful, uniques and meaningful associations, we can handle a crisis quicker with restricted damage control

3. Recommendation: if you do not have to mandatory  come up with marketing communications right after the crisis, limit it to the minimum, because every brand exposure even though on totally different occasion, brings attention back to the problem. Keep your resources for the new beginning, when double efforts will be needed since with your second change no mistakes are permissible.