How to manage change communication was the opening keynote speech at the biggest traditional annual event of MercerMarshBenefits in Bulgaria. The topic is presented by Dr.Vanya Babanin on October 21, 2021.

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Vanya Babanin was hired to revitalize and scale up various activities in the Monbat Group corporate communication and marketing, ranging from group corporate and product re-branding and introducing a contemporary corporate website with high emphasis on value creation and investor relationship to establishing group-wide consistency in the communication channels and enlarging the spectrum of Monbat sponsored events, media coverage and social corporate responsibility activities. All those activities were concentrated for a relatively short period of time and Vanya managed to establish a very lean delivery approach, reaching extremely satisfactory value for money ratio in all activities outlined above. The latter was possible by adopting the right mix of engagement – distributed accountability across the group, cross-functional teams, outsourced activities and specialized service for certain discrete tasks.

Peter Bozadjiev
Executive Director, Monbat Group