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The European Association of Communication Directors (EACD) wants to attract, inspire and engage current and future communication leaders to drive excellence in our profession. Recognising the growing importance of communications, we offer the professionals a platform to connect, deepen their expertise, share best practice, establish and promote relevant standards.

The EACD derives its strength from its broad regional range and diversity. By aiming to incorporate communications professionals from all across Europe, the EACD believes that our members' diversity is enriching for both the Association and for each of our members individually.

  • Top-level events and networking opportunities for European Communicators
  • Up-to-date information channels
  • Information and knowledge sharing through a variety of events throughout Europe
  • Networking
  • Promoting qualification and professionalism
  • Representation of interest and promotion of the professional image

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The EACD operates through a network of Regional Ambassadors who help organize events on a local level. These strengthen the network by connecting EACD members and further promoting the Association's vision. Members have the chance to share their knowledge and experience amongst peers from across their region. Regional Coordinators help organize biannual Regional Debates in capitals and major cities across the continent and act as local ambassadors for the EACD.



EACD Activities in Bulgaria

Bulgarian members of EACD and Bulgarian Association for People Management gathered together in a discussion on the internal communications cross points between corporate communications and human resource management.
The EACD is happy to announce the upcoming EACD Anniversary Event in Sofia on June 9th from 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm. This event will focus on the future-oriented communications function
Our Coaching Day about "Product placement in Films and TV Series" with Biljana Lowndes and Vanya Nikolova offered many informal ways for EACD communication professionals to share experience, discuss good and bad examples and look into hi-edge technologies in post-production.
The EACD regional debate in Bulgaria took place on November 11, 2015 from 13:30 at the National Palace of Culture - Press Center in Sofia. The topic of this debate is sponsoring. Find out more about the event, presentations and research
The EACD Coaching Day is organized in cooperation with Intelday Solutions and moderated by Denitsa Sacheva. It discussed the cooperation between business and public sector with a presentation about the formula for effective and socially responsible cooperation and pointed out the mind sets and realities for corporate PR and economic media.