I had the pleasure of working with Vanya on the launch of our marketing activities of the new company IntelliWay. With her help, we were able to identify the organisation's positioning messages and build a marketing strategy for the German market. We worked actively on media releases, LinkedIn campaigns, videos and many other relevant activities. Vanya got to the point of the business model extremely fast, it came naturally to her to engage the team and coordinate the roadmap to the successful marketing development of the company. 

Sergey Koynov
CEO, IntelliWay Services AD

Vanya Babanin was hired to revitalize and scale up various activities in the Monbat Group corporate communication and marketing, ranging from group corporate and product re-branding and introducing a contemporary corporate website with high emphasis on value creation and investor relationship to establishing group-wide consistency in the communication channels and enlarging the spectrum of Monbat sponsored events, media coverage and social corporate responsibility activities. All those activities were concentrated for a relatively short period of time and Vanya managed to establish a very lean delivery approach, reaching extremely satisfactory value for money ratio in all activities outlined above. The latter was possible by adopting the right mix of engagement – distributed accountability across the group, cross-functional teams, outsourced activities and specialized service for certain discrete tasks.

Peter Bozadjiev
Executive Director, Monbat Group


Vanya Babanin was tasked with increased marketing and communication integration demand within a matrix structure and with the requirement to optimize the cost-effectiveness of the PR and advertising efforts. She is very effective at this, as well as managing all marketing and corporate communications for the automotive solutions Balkan Star provides. Mrs Babanin is a resourceful, creative and solution-oriented person who was frequently able to come up with new and innovative approaches to her assigned projects.

Manfred Multz
General Manager, Balkan Star Group


We were impressed how fast Vanya was able to get into details of the blood sterilization process and the specific marketing approach for medical devices. Her professional competence is even more useful because of her ability to strategize, to take the whole picture into consideration and foresee logical consequences few steps ahead.

Assoc. Prof. Vassil Galabov, PhD
Manager, STERIL 


Vanya's ability to lead complex projects even beyond her marketing responsibilities as well as her effective time, budget and personnel management skills have made her very important member or my team with consultancy role for some of our recently established companies. A strong advantage of hers is the ability to multiply the communication effects successfully implementing synergetic principles.

Plamen Mitev
General Representative in Bulgaria of the owner or the Betz Group


In each of the projects in our long-lasting cooperation with Vanya, I was positively surprised by her easiness of handling and the deepness of insights she demonstrated in areas where technical background and IT knowledge is needed. Vanya’s expertise and contacts enabled us to close specific situations quick, decide about resources allocation and find the right partner when needed. I appreciate highly her ability to generate precious ideas and create the necessary conditions to turn these visions into reality.  

Ivan Kiurkchiev
Executive Director, VMobile


We worked together with Vanya on a couple of projects, one of which was dedicated to strategic consulting during PR agency pitch. Her advice on qualities and quantitative approach during this process was professional and valuable. This is why I can highly recommend Vanya Babanin to any organization or group as an independent consultant and strategist.

Manuela Dyulgerova-Toteva
Communications Manager, Aurubis Bulgaria