change communication

navigate the internal dialogue of a business transformation

The challenge

A corporation plans changes in the employer's policy for some of its employees. These changes only affect non-visible aspects of the working environment. For the success of the internal project, it is crucial that the implementation of the test phase is not widely discussed. The question is: how should the communication be structured in order to be successful, how to align it to the corporate style and how to deliver effective behavioural messages?


The solution

For the successful change communication very important prove to be the direct impressions of the corporate culture and internal comms as well as the team leaders knowledge - of the internal processes and of the persons in the team. This is why the preparation for the change communication strategy begins with in-depth interviews, process evaluation and clear definition of the goals and obstacles. 

А change communication strategy is developed that reflects the real need of information for the parties involved and targets the key messages to the main questions: why we’re changing, overall priorities, how employees will be measured and most important - support provided and what’s in there for them.

After the ready-for-action strategy is developed, an intensive discussion with the internal project leaders is facilitated by the reputation consultant. It is used to verify the recommended approach, to identify the most proper from the multiple choices proposed and to research for exposure points. This discussion with Q&As is additionally used as an ad-hoc training for the internal communicators. 


The outcome

custom-made change communication strategy with an effective action plan that creates a foundation of trust and energises people to accept the transformation. It proved to be very positive accepted by the management in charge of the business transformation project.