content creation

The challenge

A new brand, emerging from one of the largest international management consulting groups, needed to be launched in the country where two of the group's brands were already well represented - a risk management service provider and a leading human resource management consultant. The brand was both new and - due to the combination of the two well-known names - partially recognisable. The new brand has a straddle positioning - like Accenture and BMW in Keller's Strategic Brand Management - and faced the challenge of working in both directions to increase its brand awareness and contribute to the company's direct performance indicators. 


The solution

Given the tone of voice of the other brands, the communication tools and messages needed to be highly content-relevant, extremely professional and provide undisputed tangible value to the stakeholders. Nationally and internationally, the consulting group produces an enormous amount of high-quality business content that needs to be precisely targeted, tailored and distributed through the most appropriate channels. In order to launch the new brand in a target-oriented way and to strengthen its position as a reliable partner, we held several internal communication sessions, and designed a co-working case platform within the local team.

The lack of dedicated local channels - such as country-specific websites or landing pages and local social media profiles - posed a major communication challenge that challenged our creativity in developing solutions. To overcome this challenge, we developed a communications approach based on a mix of partnerships with professional organisations and organic media placements. We also created a social media community strategy and a project management process for content creation. The brand messages were delivered to the stakeholders through the private social media accounts of the corporate experts and through media interviews following personalised TV training sessions.


The result

Using a corporate content creation management system, based on a combination of Gantt charts and modified RACID matrixes, we produced  - together with the local team - over 20 unique pieces of high-quality content for the public in less than two years. We distributed it across the country's 15 leading business media (including Kapital, Forbes,, Manager Magazine,, Bloomberg TV and Bulgarian National Radio). In this way, we increased the diversity of communication channels and media used by 40% and increase the media reach of all the Group's brands by 65%. The company's experts are perceived by the public as brand ambassadors and benefit from the synergy between personal professional branding and that of the company. The content-creation project management process was internally recognised as best practice in the Continental Europe region. We also have set up two LinkedIn groups whose communities regularly discuss relevant topics and meet for webinars, often with over 300 participants.