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Second Opinion for Jazz Targeting

The challenge

Jazz Forum Stara Zagora was conducted in 2015 for fourth successive year gaining attention not only from the local community but also focusing some national interests to a city in Bulgaria that grows and that can offer many consumer brands attractive target groups. In order to support the event the marketing and organization manager contacted us for a professional second opinion on the sponsors’ presentation.

The solution

When it comes to sponsor certain event, especially if not in planned and budgeted, it is essential to grab the attention and push upward to the decision point. In the presentation of the Jazz Forum to potential advertisers and sponsoring organizations there was an extensive informational part about the initiative, the program, impressive national and international participants, planned communication activities. The advantages of eventual support were described and the different types of support were thoroughly presented.

According to my recommendation the informative part was shortened slightly, but the factual argumentation was extended with a significant jazz public profiling. The latest is needed from the brand managers in order to be able to quickly decide whether the attendees of the event are their target groups and easily calculate the reach trough rate per capita.

The outcome                                        

The presentation of the sponsoring opportunities was adjusted slightly to meet more precise the information need of the decision makers. The extended factual argumentation, together with all measures for sponsor gaining, turned up retaining all sponsoring organizations despite the marketing expenditure cuts. 70% of the contacted potential sponsors will consider the jazz forum in their planning for the next year.