Носейки трансформацията дълбоко в сърцето си, Ваня Бабанин разказва в това 15-минутно видео как подходът към ученето трябва да се адаптира към промените в обществото.


Wearing transformation in her heart, Vanya Babanin explains in this 15-min video how the learning approach needs to adapt to the changes in society. 


Since 2015, in the Edelman Trust Barometer, trust (truth) has been present in every title of the report. Coincidence? Certainly not. And the pandemic only brought out for the mass of people in an impossible-to-look-aside-visibility "the bankruptcy of the information."

KIDA-Conference on the New Measurements in Digital Age

Veliko Turnovo hosted the first Southeast European conference dedicated to the evaluation of PR and marketing efforts in the media environment of the digital era.