The Value of Communications

KIDA-Conference on the New Measurements in Digital Age


Veliko Turnovo hosted the first Southeast European conference dedicated to the evaluation of PR and marketing efforts in the media environment of the digital era. On Friday, November 23, students and professionals both listened to different views on how we can monitor the effectiveness of our work.

Johna Burke, Global Managing Director of the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC), set a broad framework of the conference, focusing on new communication needs and measurement methods. 

It proofed clear that the PESO model is becoming more and more applied in real life - Thomas Stoeckle and Ana Adi used it in their presentation, part of the PR vs. Marketing panel discussion was based on it, and the participants confirmed the transition from the traditional channel division to the far more adequate today - Paid, Won, Social and Owned, is almost completed.
Tomislav Donchev, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria, talking on the changed media environment, brought to the audience the exciting aspect of the opportunities already available for each of us. The opportunity to share, but also to protect your own point of view. And the responsibility that stems from it - our responsibility to always read critically.
The automation of media and the introduction of technology increasingly as part of everyday life is one of the wonderful chances of transforming this business, along with the transformation of media into clubs where content and online communities meet, Vladimir Petkov from Identrics said.
The topic about media and their relationship with PR professionals increased the level of engagement of the audience and passed in a natural way from Media vs. Brand Journalism to PR vs. Marketing. 


Dr. Vanya Babanin, a consultant on brand management and reputation, moderated the discussion, which was attended by Gergana Zheleva, Integrated Marketing Consultant, Marin Aganderov, Managing Director and Partner in TalentMedia, Prof. Stefania Temelkova, New Bulgarian University and Yassen Guev, entrepreneur and author of the book Reputation Strategy. Some of the conclusions reached by this second panel:
PR and marketing are not opposed since they work together, and it is already difficult to clearly distinguish the two disciplines;
efficiency is measured by the added value for the achievement of the corporate goals, and the bigger this contribution is and the more it can be illustrated in financial figures, the higher the performance estimate is;
both small and large organizations need to monitor where they are in relation to the perception of different interested parties so they can use both PR and marketing to develop and manage their brands.
The best way to achieve common communication goals is by pooling the knowledge and competencies of internal departments and agencies. "Communication agencies need to be bolder and offer companies crazy ideas. We do not take ourselves so seriously to not even comment on them," Elena Mateeva, Media Communications Manager at Sopharma AD, said in the last panel Client vs. Agency. 


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