cross-functional marketing

United in diversity

The challenge

The product marketing communication specialists of Balkan Star are spread all over the companies and divisions profiting from services and brands specialization. Additionally there is a corporate and central marketing communication department. The question Balkan Star management asked: Is this the optimal structure of work? Can we further improve our process or optimize resources?

The solution

The initial analysis of the marketing communication processes showed the advantage of brand and product or service specialization. All cross-department, PR, corporate and bigger marketing projects were led centrally from the corporate and marketing communications department.

Many of the daily tasks were outsourced to agencies or freelance service providers although every department disposed of its own marketing communication specialist. Furthermore, the research indicated these department specialists were occupied with similar tasks that repeated themselves for each division and wasted time and effort.

In order to improve the internal exchange and profit also from specialists’ different experience and knowledge I developed a matrix for cross-functional marketing. In this cross-functional matrix every specialist retained its primary brand-, product- or service-related specialization. Additionally all marketing communication staff, no matter where positioned (sales / aftersales divisions or central communication department) received the opportunity to further develop strength in a specific marketing communication field such as social media, paid media campaigns, outdoor and ambient etc.. This field was chosen based on personal expertise or interest demonstrated.

For each marketing or communication activity where cross-divisional cooperation was needed I introduced the project based approach and each project is coordinated by internal project responsible depending on responsibility fields and actual work-load.  

The outcome

The marketing and corporate communications of the group were integrated to a higher degree. The processes for service providers shortened. The coordination and central marketing projects dedicated position was no longer needed since every single project received internal project manager.

The specialists got the opportunity to develop further in specific professional fields matching their interests. The effectiveness improved because the expertise increased. The exchange and cooperation between divisions improved.

Better usage of the marketing budgets and efforts was combined with greater creativity of the marketing communication.