implementation support


Even the best marketing or PR concept can be devastated if implementation is mediocre. Choosing the right partner and control of implementation for every specific project or purpose is key to avoiding disappointment.

I can translate your key messaging into your current project and proof read every single sign. The semiotic aspects of these signs are not only very important; they often care for entertainment through creativity and for business insightswhich are invaluable for the organization's development.

Most important for your brand, product/service and project is the integration of the communication. Clear and consistent public image is only possible if you ensure one-voice-communication.

I consider two different aspects of integration for marketing and communication: horizontal and vertical. Horizontal integration focuses on messages and channels used for the specific project and how they align with corporate identity and strategic positioning. Vertical integration reveals different steps over time and delivers sustainability. Combining both horizontal and vertical integration you increase the chances for your brand to stand apart with a clear and homogenous (consistent?) appearance.

Last but not least, all concepts must be further defined in separate, measurable actions. And every action must be steered in terms of quality of conduction, performed outcome, timing and budget relevance.