internal communication

Insights for everyone involved

The challenge

The group of Balkan Star is among the largest automotive structures in Bulgaria and provides complex automotive solutions for wholesale and retail with 12 different brands and has had over 800 employees located in 5 cities. For their integration, motivation and further development a relevant employees program was needed. The real challenge lies not only in considering different locations, information access and diversity of the professional profiles (from c-management to retail service mechanics or accounting clerks). More over the brand cultures vary greatly.

The solution

In order to identify improvement potentials an inquiry was made. It gave us some insightful ideas directly from the employees and pointing out some of the important areas where additional efforts were needed.

The employees program consisted of

  • tailor-made intranet portal to improve the internal information management,
  • introduction of internal newsletter (bilingual, every two months, printed and electronic),
  • employees events, regular management meetings,
  • corporate reporting system with management module,
  • team buildings and special trainings.

As part of the restructuring HR-responsibilities were re-organized.

The outcome                                        

The employees program put the corporate brand of Balkan Star in the middle of the interaction and communication assuring strengthening of the corporate values and homogenous culture for all group employees. The information and communication improvement increased the company affiliation and resulted in better motivation thanks to the improved team spirit. The latest was additionally supported by the cross-divisional matrix orientation.

The successive outcome is the strengthening of the corporate brand externally, positioning the group of companies as reliable partner, complex solutions provider with high quality of the services that made its employees part of its success.