analysis and strategic planning


Communication strategy reflects the business goals, the mission and the vision of an organization. It is essential to align business planning with clear, simple and powerful characteristics that build the brand or company’s identity.

Strategy for me means a long-term positioning formulated in a semantic relevant form. The importance of the communication strategy for the market and public presence is parallel to the importance of sound architectural foundation a building. It is critical to know not only what kind of building you wish to build but also the smallest details such as values, colors, design orientation and cognitive perception in a specific culture.

The strategic planning I deliver is based on the business targets, marketing analysis, brand identity, corporate values and customer insights. It consists of strategic communication pillars and practical advice for a communication plan. The pillars are structured in a matrix that covers the relevant target audiences. As an option, you can receive a tailored short-term communication plan for a period of 12-18 months depending on the business type, life cycle of the product/services mix and marketing positioning.