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Corporate Branding as Economic Statement

The challenge

Monbat is an economic group within the power solutions with lead-acid vertically integrated production and recycling facilities and has a market presence in more than 60 countries worldwide.

In June 2017, following the acquisition of two German businesses, the group diversified its portfolio entering the Lithium-Ion high power and high energy business. At this time Monbat had three big challenges: to modernise its public appearance, to harmonise the corporate identity of its different companies and to make a clear statement regarding business growth. 

The solution

A brand evaluation, which included marketing opposition cards based on in-depth interviews, has shown the need to differentiate the product and the corporate brand of Monbat, include and harmonise the other product corporate brand (Start) and the recycling presence as a separate business unit within the group. An analysis verified with the management led us to decide to rebrand the whole group with brand hierarchy revision included.

Because of the proud heritage of the brand, the relatively high level of visual recognition and the intent to show evolution instead of revolution, the degree of rebranding included three main points: retain of the brand colours (historical threads and batteries-specific), modernisation of the firm (following the direction of the corporate brand associations and connotation) and removal of the rectangular frame as a symbol of the openness and transparency of the group. 

The outcome

Monbat has clearly defined brand hierarchy for its economic group brand, corporate brands for the business segments (lead-acid and lithium-ion), employer brands for its business divisions (Monbat Trading, Monbat Batteries, Monbat Recycling, Start) and the process continues with a second phase which translates the corporate into product re-branding for marketing communications. The visual elements underscore the target associations of modernity and agility, transparency and competitiveness, increasing the brand value. The rebranding process addressed the expectations of a huge part of the team members and set the stage for the corporate culture transition from separate silos structure to an economic group sense of belonging.

Monbat transformed its image to become a more desirable employer, business partner and world-recognised economic group.

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