Brand visibility through sport commitment

The challenge

VMobile decided to support a local baseball club in its toughest times. The company created an app that allowed interaction with and between the fans, free calls within the group and special pyro-effect to be used in the sport halls. The company received the opportunity to co-brand a big event of the baseball club called “You will never stay alone”. But what branding is proper for this specific case?

The solution

Sport events are very useful for branding because of their high emotional degree. But it is also very important to define precise communication goals for every specific event.

For VMobile as a young brand in virtual telecommunication the main communication objective was to increase the brand recognition. Additional limitations were the need of a quick decision and high resources efficiency. So the company faced the opportunity to produce several small articles and distribute them during the event or come up with something different. And the latest it did – with a logo branding on the playground.

The outcome                                        

The branding literally in the middle of the event assured brand visibility for all 10 000 fans who were present at “You will never stay alone”. But the effect multiplied to over 1 000 000 indirect reach through media, incl. TV, print and online.