communication strategy

Daily use of science

The challenge

Popular and downloadable scientific e-magazine in Bulgarian seeks to make a business case of its activities. The readers are 5 000-10 000 for issue and the potential for the partnering organizations and advertiser is very big. How to position, communicate and sell

The solution

My preliminary analysis of the magazine defined the target groups and the specific strategic pillars for the positioning. After translation of the strategic pillars into slogan I have described the actual and the desired status-quo for five basic evaluation criteria – popularity of the magazine, supporting activities, advertisers’ branding, authors’ diversity, and readers’ experience.  

For each target public I have developed specific activities depending on the actual-planned strategic pillars. These activities were supported with practical advices and execution support in form of direct staff proposals, networking opportunities and contacts.

The outcome                                        

Ready-to-use and easy-to-implement marketing measures in the frame of mid-term magazine positioning with add-ons for the implementation.