communication strategy

Adequacy to the highest grade

The challenge

Steril has developed high-tech medical device for blood sterilization which uses healthier, more environmental friendly and financially more effective method. And now the company had to let the medical audiences and the wide publics know about it. The challenge and opportunity was to build a corporate strategy from a white paper and to define all brand basics.

The solution

For this case I used the classical approach of defining target groups, clear up the business positioning and developing the most relevant key messages. After determining the brand characteristics for a distinctive personality for Steril I translated these characteristics into key messages for every basic audience. Then I illustrated the cross-points and the interactions between these communication groups through the key messages, integrating the communication into homogenous adequate corporate image.

The next step of the communication strategy was to state the basic corporate identity/corporate design elements for Steril. The ready-to-action plan included basic and secondary colors usage, design directions, structure of the presentation materials such as web-site and corporate presentation. For the communication activities I matrixed the audiences with messages in order to create easy to implement communication plan for the initial period of 18 months. 

The outcome                                        

For Steril the communication basis was very useful and easy to implement sparing time and efforts. The decision making of resources allocation was specific for each target group but still integrated. In this way the newly established company was identified from its audiences with a homogeneous and clear appearance.  The design directions allowed flexible decisions about the communication elements, service providers and additional illustration or presentation materials over time.

The accurate identity positioning of Steril was essential for its market presence thus its sales opportunities assuring business growth. With the integrated brand communication strategy from the very beginning Steril’s resources were effectively allocated to achieve the best result in the most adequate and quick way.