public appearance

Seize the opportunity

The challenge

The time is not enough in general. And when deciding about ad-hoc appearance cases this is so much true. You always have to consider all details and consequences but still not miss the opportunity. You wish you could fulfil your assigned tasks with greater perfection and polish the speech for another last time … But the truth is you never have all the time in the world and you should better act and move further – if you dispose of relevant advice and guidance.

As a sport sponsor with an innovative app donated to a famous baseball club on a short notice VMobile had not much time left to concentrate on the glamorous side of the project. An approaching press-conference popped-up the question whether VMobile should participate in this public event. If yes – who should represent the company, what the key messages would be and will there be any training for media meetings possible.

The solution

My firm conviction is that talking about the good you do is also important and can show the way to others and inspire them. This is why I advised VMobile management to accept the participation invitation and seize the opportunity to show face and talk about the donated app. This was important also because the additional features (beside connection of all users and free information exchange) enable sport fans to be more socially acceptable thanks the co called pyro-effect of the app.

After the initial pre-phase in half-a-day we managed to discuss the key-messages for the press-conference internally with the management team, decided upon the face of the company to appear on this sports event, enabled a blitz training in public speaking and speaking in front of camera for the commercial director. And took active part in the press-conference.

The outcome                                        

In two days VMobile was able to

  • structure the most important messages to the sport club communities in the country,
  • to present the brand, company and the project in public and
  • gain media coverage which oversized the total unpaid media presence until then in advertising value, in target audience diversity and regarding communication channel mix.

The tonality of the media appearance was positive and the visibility of the brand increased. VMobile was positioned as a good corporate citizen.