rebranding /automotive

Make them see the difference

The challenge

The thing about rebranding is that it always comes along with repositioning. No matter whether following a takeover or management change – it is there to show the difference. And this was also my case with Balkan Star. A new business attitude was to be dressed in formal corporate rebranding.

The solution

Beginning with the firm intention to use the corporate brand of the group as a central communication approach that integrates the whole company appearance, a new project was started. My task was to reposition the brand Balkan Star as a comprehensive automotive services provider aligning this communication concept with the introduction of corporate umbrella brand for all products, services and companies of the group.

First step was to define the basic pillars of the new positioning. Based on these three pillars I developed the recent slogan. Three communication topics to support the slogan were defined additionally and I implemented them in actual presentation materials such as corporate ad, branding projects, corporate presentation, and corporate values internal project.

Establishment of the corporate identity of Balkan Star followed. As part of it all different brands used by the companies within the group were integrated into one corporate brand with add-ons that varied depending on the legal entity name. After three years of transition period all companies moved to one unified corporate brand.

For the smooth rebranding I decided to retain some of the design elements such as the color and type of the brand. But the style changed into more clear, transparent and simplified appearance. I developed all main stationery and branding elements for Balkan Star and introduced a corporate identity manual. The corporate templates were available with detailed descriptions and various internal trainings were conducted. For half a year on-site support for all employees was provided.  

The outcome                                        

The unification and re-positioning of the group of companies ensured clear sustainable brand identity for Balkan Star. Consequent and transparent internal and external communication allowed all employees and partners to understand and acknowledge the brand identity becoming brand ambassadors.  

The image transfer from strong product brands such as Mercedes-Benz reinforced the corporate brand power of Balkan Star. Based on this the semantic positioning of the group took advantage and increased in this way the value of the own brand.