Why we should pay for content?

The continuous technological disruption and the ease and speed on information sharing online have created an environment where disinformation  flourishes and challenges the content editors and monitoring teams of media outlets and networks.

One of the panels during the European Communication Summit 2019 - Communications in an era of political instability, fake news and disinformation looked into how communicators could be managing these challenges.

The panelists in the session were Pierre Goad, Group Marketing Director and Chief Communications Officer at HSBC, Anthony Gooch Gálvez, Director Public Affairs & Communications at Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, Giulia Di Tommaso, Chief Communications & Sustainability Office at Ferrero and Aaron Sherinian, Global VP Communications Transformation at Philip Morris International.

The communication leaders discussed how business leaders and communicators who are operating in global contexts are facing these critical challenges:

-       Global political instability

-       Imminent disintegration of Europe – a result of the rise of populism

-       General mistrust in the media, fake news and disinformation

They suggested adapting to the fast-changing political and media system requirements, changing the businesses and communications strategies, acting as a community and holding media responsible for their content to tackle the issues, maintain market position and competitive advantage.

One of the key takeaways from the session was that fake news are inevitable and restoring trust in media can be achieved by paying for high-quality media content. Pierre Goad stated: “We have some power in our own hands – pay for media, pay for credible media that hired and trained professional journalists.”

The session gained significant social media coverage. Here are the highlights from the audience: