Building a Marketing Department

Explore How to Create or Evaluate a Marketing Department

1) Clearly Define the Tasks of the Department:

Specify if the tasks will be related purely to the communication and promotion of company goods and services or they will cover the entire scope of work of classical marketing. It is also important to clarify whether the reputation management will also be part of the tasks of marketing department.

2) Define the Position of the Department within the Organization:

What will be its subordination, availability of administrative management capacity, interactions with other departments, formality of processes and internal relations, monitoring of activities and results.

3) Formulate Which Activities Can be Performed by Employees and Which Need to be Outsourced:

Distribute carefully the tasks according to their relevance and capacity to internal and external players. The possible options can vary, depending on the size of the organization, management style and corporate policies. This solution should be reviewed on a frequent basis, due to the specifics of the labour market.

One of the most common mistakes to be avoided from the very beginning is the overlapping of activities delegated both to employees and external suppliers.

4) Create Profiles and Metrics for Performance Evaluation:

The proper definition of requirements for each position in the marketing department, together with a good understanding of tasks, professional judgement and required skills is the key to the successful performance of the whole department. It is less likely that an excellent market analyst will be able to perform that well in the role of extrovert event moderator.

Make the profiles flexible so that their elements are easily replaceable - both tasks and competencies.

5) Fix the Principles and Methods for Selection of Suppliers:

The most important question is whether the specifics of your organization require to have a lead agency or decide for niche suppliers. For this specific solution you should get support from a professional consultant - since the direct outcome can vary from highly effective work distribution with high achievements and not that high budgets to entire marketing strategy failure with negative impact for the entire brand.

+) Define Flexible Work Flow:

Flexibility in the work approach results in agility and opportunity gains. Consider carefully how the marketing department can use the advantages of working with freelancers, project teams and flexible employees assignments combined with with external consultants, suppliers and distribution partners. 


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