Electric vehicles: to be or not to be

The topic of electric vehicles always pops up when we talk about environmental pollution or shortage in petroleum production. Their indisputable advantages like comfort, low "fuel" resources and favourable legislation, are scrutinised with the serious doubts whether their advantages are that much or is this just another informational bubble.

The limitation of the batteries load capacity, the still short one-charge trips and fewer charging stations add up to the concerns about the higher car price and the extensive resources for the production of both the electric vehicles and the energy needed for the charging. Last but least, some eco-activists raise concerns about electromobility being only used by the car manufacturers to make them comply with the increased requirements for emissions reduction, while at the same time this allows the multinationals to continue selling their big fat powerful models.

On the other hand, we are witnessing a rapid development of specific, electromobility-dedicated departments. Big companies like BMW Group, Ford Motor, Daimler, Volkswagen Group (Audi and Porsche) begin building shared charging networks (High-Power-Charging). According to Vanya Babanin, despite the not-sparkling prognosis of the fast-introduction of electric vehicles, our future is unimaginable without them.

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