The Importance of Humanizing Data

Communications professionals had the opportunity to attend the Data: Humanized – Translating Numbers into Behaviour event on the 4th April in Sofia, organized by SAP and Publicis Groupe Bulgaria.

A selection of industry experts shared key insights and advice on making the most of the data communication professionals gather.

Some of the key takeaways for the audience were humans are behind all data and communication professionals and organizations must be able to interpret this data, if they wish to understand people. It is important to have a precise idea of what data must be understood, in order to find the right way to obtain it and to be able to respond in a flexible way to the results.

The first keynote of the event was delivered by Armel Bursaux, EVP Publicis Groupe Spine D&A lead EMEA, who talked about the essence of digital transformation and the high speed of business transition today, illustrated by the rapid growth of companies coming out S&P 500 in just a few years. An important part of these changes is the transformation of the business competition model. 

Armel Bursaux commented that consumer needs are the leading factor in the competition for consumer experience. Flexibility is essential for product excellence and efficiency is crucial for infrastructure competition. One of the examples he focused on was Zara’s advantage in product flexibility. Zara’s employees are empowered to adapt their products in just three weeks, whereas other apparel companies need up to 9 months to adopt a specific product. 

The attendees also enjoyed the keynote of Mark de Brujin, VP Head of Marketing EMEA & MEE at SAP, focused on customer experience and the balance between technology and humans. He stated: “You don’t need the best product anymore, as long as you have the best CX.” 

 Nico-Alexander Jahn, EVP at Publicis Groupe Bulgaria, focused on the differences of Big Data (mainly quantitative) and Thick Data (mainly qualitative), as well as how social data and the smart use of data can be the keys to success in business transformation.

John Thomson, Product Specialist at SAP, highlighted that today’s 4th generation of customer experience is built entirely on trust.  

Adrian Rosenthal, Head of Digital at MSL Germany, discussed how data is transforming the PR industry.