Memories of the Future

The brightest trend in mobility development in past years are connected with the transformed philosophy to use only what you need and pay only for it. Come from the understanding that what having means responsibility and taking care. the way we look at our assets, including our cars, evolved. If we were used to going for financial leasing in the past, with all additional insurances, after-sales and who knows what else, today we consider the process more like “renting” and the only thing that matters is how much does the whole cost per month.
What did this change? The car is not personal and is very personal now. It is both for pleasure and for work. It is enough to have an account and a valid bank card and you can rent or share a car with a simple access code on your mobile phone.

The integration of the diverse automotive manufacturers’ systems and the connected databases from the apps and telecom services allow the AI to transform our car into an intuitive life companion. Some of the autonomous driving elements like cruise control, autonomous parking or collision prevention assist are already a part of the driving pleasure. The connectivity in the global network, the cloud technologies and the personal access points turn it into an ideal mobile office.

The automotive evolution is part of the cities and biotechnologies developments. The effective and environmental-friendly use of everything but especially the time and the space is possible thanks to the development of the automobiles to autonomous vehicles. The data from the cars as well as the biometrical indicators will be transmitted and analysed in real-time when a healthcare issue appears. And even though this scenario may sound a bit sci-fi, according to Vanya Babanin “it is a look into the real-life in a decade”.

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