Memories from the future

The brighter tendencies in mobility during the last years link to the changed philosophy of only using what you need. And only paying for it. This is a result of the comprehension of ownership as a duty of care and responsibility. The way we perceive our possessions also changed, including our cars. The financial leasing to acquire a car is a type of "rental" with all after-sales and other expenses included in the monthly price.
What did this change? The car is not personal anymore and remains very personal at the same time. It is for pleasure and work. You only need an account and credit card to rent or shared-use a car with some clicks on your cell phone.
The integration of car manufacturers systems to the apps and telecoms databases allow AI to transforms our car into an intuitive life companion. Distinctive features of autonomous driving like cruise control, autonomous parking or collision assist are common car extras that add pleasure to the driving. The mobile connectivity in the network, could technologies and personal access points turn the car into a perfect mobile office.
The car development is one part of the whole smart cities concepts and biotech progress. The strive for thoughtful use of everything, especially space and time, is now possible thanks to car developments and the introduction of autonomous driving. The data from the car, as well as the biometrical data, will be transmitted and analysed in real-time when some health issue arises. And even if this scenario may sound futuristic, according to Vanya Babanin "this is just a glimpse to our life in a decade".

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