What someone sees, you get

Not long ago a successful Canon promo appeared. Successful, because since O’Henry’s short storiesit was proven that the provoking situations and surprising outcomes contain the formula for audience’s interest. Successful also because they connect with the product in an engaging but not imposing way (we could remember Always or Dove campaigns also).

For me personally the Canon clip is thrilling much more because of the “translation” of our expectations into visuals. Of our anticipations and clichés, the ones that structure our world. Yes, if we did not had clichés, we would had to face a lack of social society (sometimes even wonder what that actually stands for). But the syntax, the mixture of social expectations, clichés and creator’s personal “luggage” cannot be copied. The claim “A photograph is shaped more by the person behind the camera than by what's in front of it” strikes directly the well-known (also a cliché) “the pic can only mirror what stands in front of the camera”. To all my photographers’ friends – you do not have any more excuses but to shoot me from now on always younger, joyful, more smiling and charming