affordable or luxury?

the strive for better living now has one more dimension. or better said - one less. because the modern luxury is not only free time and good quality of the air. modern luxury is also simplicity. the old German proverb Die Qual der Wahl (the agony of choice) finally makes its way through the complicated times we (usually) live in. 

but can everyone afford simplicity? 

let me give you one example - the design and logo transformation trends we experience lately. branding industry patronises many of the society tendencies and human desires translating them into design-language. and today many of the world famous brands leave with LESS of the logo attributes gaining MORE - see for example the Nike sward and the amazon smile. or read about simplicity in the latest Havas Report.

The real strength comes from the ability to retain your personality, to remain recognised while using less. that is why I wish you in 2017 to become stronger with less.


and May the Simplicity be with us!