PESO, internet usage and change in media relevance – decoded for marketers

To be connected – as the marketers should read it.  Add-ons: basic tips to consider for your marketing and PR activities 

Specifically and very honest attitude towards everything and everyone. Transparency in addition to truth, necessarily responsibility. Find out more of my perspective to the communication ethics in the interview (in Bulgarian)

About this year’s PR Prize Contest, about the new trends in communication and about the ethics – we had a pleasant, cute talk at Media OnAir with Janni Diadovska and Donika Rizova as a moderator and host. The abstract (in Bulgarian) explores our expectations for the participants and projects @ PR Prize 2015

This interview (in Bulgarian) showcases how I see the challenges within the big matrix corporate structures, where the focus lies with the strategic planning and key messages and which are the main differences between in-house communicators and agency outsourcing decision. You can also find some expectations I had as a member of the jury for PR Prize 2015.

In Bulgaria we have gathered together Mid February to share experience about dealing with crisis situation from communicational perspective.

A short, factual and visual summery of my 9 years spent with the most comprehensive automotive services provider in Bulgaria. Some of the numbers may impress you, others – not that much. See for yourself!  

Marketing360 conducted a pleasant summer evening for marketers and communicators to network and share inspiration

There comes a time in everyone’s life when certain decisions have to be made. I recently had to make one of these decisions. And I still think about it sometimes. The question I faced concerned my professional and personal lives, or to be more specific, their crossing point

Ready-to-use structural approach to new brand positioning published in Your Business magazine (in Bulgarian)