The essentials of developing an employer brand

The human capital is the most valuable asset of each company, having a key role in the success in achieving corporate goals. Managers have realized this fact, that creates a constant pressure to attract high-quality employees, in addition to the tension coming from the continuous changes in the external environment. 
Which are the key elements in developing an employer brand?

1. Speed and connectivity
Internet transforms the communication between people, the consumption of information and has particular influence over the new generation. Speed and connectivity have essential importance in developing an employer brand, as everyone can get extensive information for the activity, the team and the culture of any company.

2. How do you stand out from the crowd? 
Employees are facing a diversity of companies they can work for. The employer positioning is as important as the positioning of a product or service on the market. Due to the many similarities between companies, the point-of-difference in the opportunities and attitude towards employees must be clearly defined, which in most cases is represented by additional staff benefits or agile ways of working.  

3. Corporate Social Responsibility
It is a popular trend and the companies use a mixture of marketing sponsorship, corporate charity and corporate social responsibility to demonstrate their commitment to creating a sustainable region and industry. Corporate Social Responsibility is very important in building an employer brand, as the new generation of employees is able to distinguish the genuine commitment to a particular cause and the positioning of a logo at a number of unrelated activities. The commitment that differentiates the company and contributes to its attractiveness should be present in its long-term program, tailored to the activity, the culture or another characteristic of the business, or the industry.

4. Communication content 
Everyone is connected with each other thanks to the social media networks. This makes each corporate activity visible to all in a matter of minutes, even seconds – transparency is the new reality. Therefore, creating genuine, adequate and real communication content is crucial, as well as taking responsibility in times of crisis.  The teams should be led by managers who are accessible and provide clear and full operational guidelines.  Furthermore, the company’s own communication channels, full of professionally created copy and audio-visual informative content, are replacing the traditional media. This is a result of today’s connectivity between employees and the other stakeholders of the company.
To summarize, the most important steps which must be completed in developing an employer brand are creating relevant content and applying the most suitable communication methods, as employees access the information about the company by themselves and if interested.

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